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How to Make Black Coffee in the House Without a Machine

Coffee starts our days and keeps us energized through long workdays.

But if you do not own a coffee maker at home, do not worry!

In this post, we will teach you how to make black coffee from scratch at home without an automated coffee maker. So let's dive in!

What You'll Need to Make Black Coffee at Your Home

Before we start, let's collect all the needed products:

  • Coffee Beans: Pick your preferred brand or variety — fresher is always better!
  • A coffee grinder: A manual grinder will do fine.
  • Kettle or pot: for heating water.
  • Cup: To enjoy homemade black coffee.
  • Teaspoon: Measure and stir the filtered water in steps.
  • Tidy, filtered water

1. Select Your Coffee Beans

Black coffee is made by selecting your beans. Your selection can significantly affect its flavor; Arabica and Robusta beans are among the most widely available types. Arabica is typically sweeter, while Robusta boasts solid and robust flavors.

2. Grind your coffee beans.

Start by grinding your coffee beans. The fineness of the grind influences its taste: for a strong and flavorful coffee, opt for a fine grind. While those preferring lighter, less bitter drinks may like a medium grind instead. Keep in mind: consistency is essential here!

3. Heat your water.

While grinding coffee, heat water for brewing coffee. Perfect temperatures are between 195 °F (90 °C) and 205 °F (96 °C). If you don't have a thermometer, bring the pot to a boil first, then allow it to sit for one or two minutes to cool down before adding it to the pot.

4. Combine coffee and water.

Now, it is time to combine coffee and hot water. Use approximately two tablespoons of coffee for every six ounces of water. Change according to taste. Put warm water over the ground coffee and mix well.

5. Allow your coffee to brew.

Give your coffee enough time to brew for at least 4 minutes. The longer it brews, the stronger its flavor will become.

6. Keep it simple and serve.

To serve, thoroughly strain your coffee using a mesh strainer or a French press. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Now relax and enjoy homemade black coffee!

Tips for Making Delicious Black Coffee in the House

  • Always use fresh beans: Coffee beans should be consumed within a month of roasting.
  • Appropriate storage: Store your beans in an airtight container at room temperature to preserve the fresh taste.
  • Utilize clean and filtered water: Water quality affects coffee taste.
  • Right timing: Adjust the process time until you discover the right time that suits your choices best.


Making black coffee without a machine is simpler than you think. With just a few key ingredients and techniques, you can craft a satisfying cup that competes with any cafe brew.

So try it and experience the pleasure and fulfillment of making your own black coffee at home.

Never stop trying out delicious coffee!

Play around with numerous beans, grinds, and brew times until you find what fits you.

Cheers and congratulations!